Agile and Waterfall Methodology (Canvan)

Proposal & Contractual Agreement Writing (contract law) 

Project Management (Testimony)

Concept Development 

Character, Prop and Set Design

Script Writing & Storyboarding

Graphic Design for Interaction, Motion and Print (Adobe CC)

Video Editing (Premier)

Animation & Video Graphics (After Effects)

Drawn Illustrations & Illustrated Graphics (Photoshop & Illustrator)

Stop Motion Animation Shooting, R & D, Concept Model Design and Project Management

App Design and Development (iOS & Android) – In Development 

Prototype Design (Adobe XD) – In Development 

CG Modelling for Character/Prop/Environments (3Ds Max and Maya)

Photogrammetry (Recap, Photoshop) – In Development 

C# Interaction Coding for Game Design & Development (Unity) – In Development 

E-Textiles and wearable electronics (Arduino) – In Development 

User Testing (OUP) 

E-Learning Design & Development (Captivate & Adapt) 

Web Design and Development (WordPress 5) – Self Taught 

Academic Research (Transcript) PhD